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"There is more satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive."

- B. C. Forbes.

Welcome to TransTex LPS. Our mission is to do what we do best, which is to keep your trucks running legally over the road. Our goal is to take the stress of license & permitting off of you, so you can do what YOU do best, TRUCK!


We believe that the transportation industry is one of the single most important industries in this country. After all if it weren't for "you", there would be no "us".


We are a license and permitting agency for independent truckers and trucking companies. We obtain Authority, D.O.T. numbers for Private and For Hire companies, and individual permits required by Federal Motor Carrier Administration and various states. We also handle Apportioned License, IFTA, and fuel tax reporting.

President of TransTex, Amy White has 20 years of experience as a licensing agent. She spent those years growing and developing long lasting relationships with trucking companies ranging from one truck to 200.


"I love this business. I believe trucking companies and their drivers are some of the hardest working, good people you will ever meet. I want all of my customers big or small to know that they are important and they make a difference in the lives of people all over the United States. Your time is valuable and so is your company."

- Amy White - President, TransTex LPS Inc.

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