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Triple Transport, Inc.

To whom it may concern,


Our company has used Amy White to manage our fleet since 2009. She takes care of every aspect needed to legally run our fleet (2290's, cab cards, assessments, permits, etc...). When a project is sent to Mrs. White, I know, without a doubt, it will get accomplished accurately and timely. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of work. She has had an answer to every question I have sent her way.


Mrs. White is simply a pleasure to work with. She has an exceptional personality and can relate to anyone she comes in contact with.


I would recommend her knowledge and services to any business.

Elizabeth Jordan

Human Resource Manager

Triple Transport, Inc.

(501) 729-0026

Kenny Adams Trucking, LLC


I have worked with Amy since Kenny Adams Trucking, LLC started in March 2007. If anyone knows how to get license or permits, this is the lady that can do it. I have been in tight pinches when it came to getting a piece of equipment ready to operate. I have called and said HELP! I need this YESTERDAY and she has always come through. She knows her stuff and has a personality that makes anyone feel welcome and assured that she has their best interest at heart.


Connie Fulkerson

Safety Director, Kenny Adams Trucking, LLC

(870) 238-8860


McConnell & Son, Inc.

North Little Rock, Arkansas

(501) 945-4813


     Amy White has been involved in the licensing of our equipment for almost 20 years. She is very up to date with the requirements of the different states, and the DOT. She has always gone above and beyond for us in helping us to meet our deadlines. She’s a joy to work with, and someone I consider a friend. If you need help with licensing your trucks, Amy is the person to do it!




Hugh McConnell

Woodfield, Inc.


 My husband and I own and operate Woodfield, Incorporated in Camden, Arkansas. We have operated this trucking company since 1993, with trucks that run all forty eight states. Licensing and Permitting are both tasks that have to be done accurately and very timely. Amy has helped us in so many ways to make our jobs easier. We have had many questions concerning titling, licensing, and 2290’s that she has helped us with. The list goes on and on about how much we have depended on her throughout the past twelve years. Her attention to detail is something that is hard to find these days. I hope Austin, Texas know what a great Agent they’re getting.


Kathy Starr, Secretary

(870) 231-6020

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